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  • How long does Saint Monet Hair last?
    The hair can last up to 2 years with the proper maintenance.
  • How many times can the Mink Lash sets be worn?
    Our handmade Mink lash sets can be work up to 60 - 80 times with the proper cleaning and maintanence.
  • What type of lashes and glue are used in your Saint Lash Extension process?
    Our lash technician uses a a hyperallergenic glue along with 100% Siberian Mink lashes.
  • How should I arrive to my service appointment?
    If you are coming to a Princess Xstnsions hair servce please come by yourself unless spoken with our stylist otherwise. If you would like to use ypur own shampooand conditioner you are welcome to bring it. If you are coming to a Princess Xstensions lash service please come with your face washed and lahes free of oil and mascara. Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to fill out the required paperwork. Every client is prompted to arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled appointment , paperwork may be needed to fill out based on type of appointment.
  • Am I allowed to wash my face or get into water after I recieve my lash extensions?
    All clients are not allowed to wet their eyes (submerge in water) for the first 24 hours to allow the lashes and glue to settle and avoid complications. after the first 24 hours are complete clients are allowed to resume daily facial or wter activities.
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